Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant to Begin Annual Modified Disinfection Process

Posted: June 11, 2018

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SEGUIN— The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA), Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant, will temporarily substitute chlorine as the disinfecting agent in the drinking water treatment process from July 9, 2018 to July 27, 2018. The annual disinfection is part of routine maintenance recommended by the Texas Commission Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Once the process is completed, the plant will resume the regular use of chlorine/ammonia compound (chloramines).

“Chlorine and chloramines are both excellent disinfecting agents and are used extensively in the drinking water industry to safeguard finished water against bacteria that cause water-borne illnesses,” said Stephanie Shelly, GBRA division manager. “However, the substitution of chlorine alone on a periodic basis provides more stability to the disinfecting process and to remove any excess ammonia that might accumulate in the distribution systems over time.”

As part of the process, wholesale customers of GBRA (City of Port Lavaca, the Calhoun County Rural Water System of GBRA, the Port O’Connor Improvement District, and the LaSalle Water Control and Improvement District) will monitor the disinfectant residual in water mains and increase flushing activities to provide a more efficient change-out of the water.

“Some customers may notice a slight change in palatability or ‘taste’ of the water,” Shelly said. “There also may be a slight discoloration of the water due to flushing, but the water will remain safe and available for all domestic purposes.”

For more information, please contact your local drinking water provider: City of Port Lavaca (361) 552-3347, GBRA Rural Water (361) 552-9751, or Port O’Connor (361) 983-2652. LaSalle customers may call the Port O’ Connor number or GBRA at (361) 552-9751.

GBRA was established by the Texas Legislature in 1933 as a water conservation and reclamation district. GBRA provides stewardship for the water resources in its 10-county statutory district, which begins near the headwaters of the Guadalupe and Blanco rivers, ends at San Antonio Bay, and includes Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun, and Refugio counties.


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