Fishing @ Coleto Creek Park


Think your catch is a lake record? Weigh it in at the park headquarters on certified scales.

The reservoir is mostly sandy-bottomed with timber left standing for fish habitat when impounded. Since its impoundment in 1980, numerous types of aquatic vegetation have been established. The dominant species is water milfoil. Because the reservoir is a power plant cooling pond, some of the best fishing action occurs in February and March because the water is already warm enough for the fish activity and spawning preparation.

Fishing Guide

Lake Record Fish

Water Body Records for Coleto Creek Reservoir (updated by TPWD)

Fishing Limits

Species Daily Bag Length
Redfish 3 20 in. minimum (no maximum)
Largemouth Bass (in aggregate) 5 no maximum 14 in. minimum
Hybrid Striped Bass (in aggregate) 5 18 in. minimum
Channel and Blue Catfish (in aggregate) 25 12 in. minimum
Yellow Catfish (in aggregate) 5 18 in. minimum
Crappie 25 10 in. minimum
Rough: Talapia, Buffalo, carp, gar, gaspergou NONE NO LIMIT
Bait Fish: shad, perch NONE NO LIMIT
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