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Taking pictures of wildlife and scenery has become a major recreational activity according to a study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Miles Phillips, an extension ecotourism program specialist for the Texas A&M University System, referenced the results of that study in an article he wrote in 2006 for the Texas Cooperative Extension. He wrote, "more than 9.4 million people traveled for the primary purpose of photographing wildlife. Another 4.5 million people said they photograph wildlife at or close to their home." While this article is several years old, the fact remains - people are interested in taking pictures of wildlife. To find out more about Texas Nature Tourism visit the following link -

Realizing the potential for making wildlife photography a possibility for photographers in the Victoria area, O.C. Garza, a member of the Victoria Photography Club, Inc., was photographing a children's fishing tournament at Coleto Creek Park. Garza and Wilfred Korth, chief ranger at the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority - Coleto Creek Park, exchanged ideas to form a partnership to promote wildlife conservation and photography. In June 2008, a partnership agreement was reached.

Members of VPC will work with Mr. Korth and his staff to design, build and locate photography blinds on the GBRA-Coleto Creek property to provide wildlife photography and birding opportunities for the public. In addition, VPC members will assist the GBRA staff by helping establish guidelines for the annual Coleto Creek Photo Contest, judging the contest plus conducting photography workshops and other photography related activities.

Several blinds have been placed around the Coleto property. The latest have been two viewing/photography stations placed along the Park's Nature Trail - The Cardinal Blind and the Waxwing Blind. To view some of the photos taken at these blinds click on the following link:

With the partnership between the GBRA-Coleto Creek Park and the Victoria Photography Club, area amateur and professional nature photographers will have an excellent opportunity to pursue their outdoor recreational activity - photographing wildlife and scenery - without having to drive great distances. GBRA-Coleto Creek is located midway between Victoria and Goliad - less than an hour's drive for most people in the Victoria area.

Online "Birding Photo Albums" for GBRA's Coleto Creek Park and Lake Wood Recreation Area as compiled by Members of the Victoria Photo Club.

The Birds of Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir

Some Birds of Lake Wood

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