Reservoir Use Rules & Regulations

  1. ALL boating, skiing, swimming, and other water related activities at the Coleto Creek Reservoir are done at the visitors sole risk!
  2. Use caution when boating on the reservoir, there are numerous submerged stumps, and logs in the reservoir.
  3. We do not allow any boats on the reservoir with above water exhaust, which includes but is not limited to airboats and jet boats.
  4. All boaters are required to stay at least 150’ away from Coleto’s Bird Island as per TPWD and USFWS Restrictions.
  5. Except for the Coleto Creek Park Shoreline all other shore areas of the reservoir are posted properties, and boaters may not beach and/or utilize any of those properties.
  6. Coleto Creek Reservoir does have alligators. Please utilize caution when boating into isolated coves.
  7. Coleto Creek Reservoir has posted “No Wake Zones”, “No Boat Zones”, and “Keep Out Areas”. For your safety please observe these posted restrictions. All boaters must stay at least 200’away from all control structures on the reservoir, which includes the Reservoir Dam, it’s two small Dike Structures, and the Power Plant Intake. These are high security areas and any tresspassers in these areas will have charges filed on them.
  8. Water skiing is not allowed upstream of the Coleto Creek Power Plant Intake, nor from ½ mile below the State Highway 622 Bridge to the Northern end of the reservoir.
  9. Sailboats with mast taller than 30’ may not utilize the reservoir because of the High Voltage Power Lines that cross the reservoir.
  10. This is not a complete list of ALL reservoir use rules and regulations, but the most common ones asked about. For a complete list of ALL rules and regulations please contact the park office.
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