Park Rules and Regulations

  • GARBAGE - If you will securely bag your trash and set by the roadside between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm the park staff will gladly collect and dispose of it for you. Until it is collected you are responsible for insuring that no animals get into the bagged trash.
  • PARKING VEHICLES - All vehicles parked at a campsite must have at least 2 wheels of the vehicle clearly parked on the gravel-parking pad at the campsite. Vehicles that cannot be parked on the parking pad must be taken to one of the parks numerous extra parking lots. It is the responsibility of the camping party to insure that their guests park their vehicles correctly. By parking vehicles correctly we will be able to continue to insure the "GREEN" park we all have grown to appreciate.
  • FIRES - may only be built in the fire rings/pits supplied at the campsites. You may bring your own firebox but it must be designed to not allow any embers or ashes to fall onto the ground, and it must be elevated off of the ground. Ground fires are never permitted! Please do not dump your ashes on the ground when vacating a campsite. Either bag the ashes or take them home with you.
    • Only 4 vehicles may be registered to a site for overnight camping, and this includes vehicles with the park's annual pass.
    • From April 1 to September 30 the maximum allowed stay in a campsite is 14 consecutive nights, and then users must leave the park for 72 hours. From October 1 to March 31, there is no limit on the length of stay in the regular campsites (Premium Sites have a year round limit of 14 nights).
    • One camper and one tent or two tents per site maximum.
  • RE-ENTRY TO PARK - when re-entering the park we require ALL park users to come to a complete stop at the Park Office, show us their current park permit, and wait for acknowledgement from a park staff member before driving on into the park.
  • GRAY WATER - By State Law, may not be dumped on the ground but must be disposed of in an appropriate wastewater disposed system.
  • PETS - must remain on a leash or secured in camping unit.
  • REFUNDS - Park use is an outdoor experience. Therefore, we do not give refunds due to discomforts of nature.
  • GOLF CARTS - Only electric golf carts are allowed in the park, no gas powered carts or off road vehicles are allowed. Only licensed drivers may drive the cart, and the carts must stay on the park roads and parking lots. Must pay for an electric golf cart pass to utilize in the park.
  • This is not a complete list of ALL park rules and regulations, but the most common ones asked about. For a complete list of ALL rules and regulations please contact the park office.
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