Laboratory Analyses for Private Wells

  • The GBRA Lab is accredited in accordance with NELAC.

Individual Prices

Total Coliform/E.Coli $25.00
pH $14.00
Conductivity $15.00
Hardness $30.00
Chloride $25.00
Sulfate $25.00
Nitrate-Nitrogen $28.00
Fluoride $28.00
Potassium * $16.50
Sodium * $13.50
Iron * $13.50
Manganese * $13.50
Calcium * $13.50
Magnesium * $13.50
Lead $13.50
Digestion Fee $10.00

Total Well Package

All analyses listed above $297.50

* Analysis completed at subcontracted lab; requires $26.00 shipping fee

Sterilizing Faucets for Total Coliform (bacteria)

  1. Remove the filter/aerator from the mouth of the faucet.
  2. Use a cup of bleach to submerse the faucet mouth for two minutes.
  3. Remove cup. Let the water run from the faucet for two minutes.
  4. Fill the preserved bottle to the 100ml line (highlighted with a marker). Do not wash the white powder out of the bottle.
  5. Record your name, time and date the sample was collected on the sample bottle label.
  6. Place the bottle on ice until delivery.

This test has a 30 hour hold time. Please bring your sample to the GBRA Lab within 24 hours to ensure enough time to set up the test. Weekend rates will be charged for tests brought in on Friday as results must be read 24 hours after setup.

Please Note: Shipping and handling fees are incurred for all subcontracted samples. Additional prep fees are incurred for turbid samples that require filtration prior to analysis. Disposal fees are incurred for specific methods.

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