About the Plum Creek Watershed Partnership

Striving to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy stream for all to enjoy, the Plum Creek Watershed Partnership works to boost awareness of water resource issues and protect and restore water quality in the Plum Creek Watershed. Public involvment is key to watershed stewardship, and the Partnership relies on the cooperation of numerous local stakeholders.

The Partnership had its beginnings in 2005 when the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board and the Texas AgriLife Extension Service selected Plum Creek to pilot coordinated watershed planning efforts in Texas. Plum Creek was chosen based on its high E. coli bacteria levels and concerns over nutrient concentrations.

The need for watershed protection was also underscored by development pressures, oil and gas production, and water pollution from a variety of sources. Through public meetings, stakeholders formed a steering committee to make decisions throughout the watershed planning process, and topical workgroups guided discussion on specific watershed issues.

The Partnership is currently facilitated by a local watershed coordinator and has received numerous grants to improve water quality and conduct outreach campaigns throughout the area. A new Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant through the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board to the Plum Creek Watershed Partnership is managed by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and began on May 1, 2015. An Interlocal Agreement first established in 2011 and renewed in 2014 for the new grant serves to allow local partners to provide the required 40% match each year for the grant. Through the efforts of its partners, the group remains at the forefront of water quality management and has played a key role in watershed stewardship in Texas.

2011 Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Contract
2011 Plum Creek Interlocal Agreement
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