Lake Gonzales (H-4 Lake)

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Lake Gonzales is located in a remote area of Gonzales County, near Belmont, approximately 14 miles west of the City of Gonzales. The pond area is 696 acres with a storage capacity of 7,500 acre-feet. Water depths of 25-30 feet are located in the river channel.


No public access.

General Recreation

This lake is used year-round for boating and fishing with an increase in water ski activity during warmer months.


Game species include largemouth bass, crappie and catfish. Largemouths spawn from mid-February through mid-April and can be found in water from two to ten feet deep. Boat docks, lily pads, moss and drift logs hold fish most of the year, but ski-wave action makes most fishing difficult in warm months. Light-colored plastic worms are a preferred artificial bait. Crappie locate around boat docks and lily pads most of the year and can be taken on minnows and small jigs. Catfish, including channels, yellows and some blues, are featured at 4-H. Channel catfish spawn in spring while yellows wait for warmer weather. Skiers make trotlining difficult except at night and in cold weather. Channels take stink and blood baits. Yellows and blues prefer live perch.


Lake Gonzales
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