Management Team

W. E. "Bill" West, Jr. - Seguin
General Manager

Overall management responsibility for GBRA's operating divisions throughout the Guadalupe River Basin. Serves as Chief Executive Officer in overseeing the day-to-day operations of GBRA functions and providing general leadership and direction. He reports to the Board of Directors and directs implementation of Board approved programs. He also represents GBRA in dealing with other elements of government, industry, business and the general public.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 227
Fax: 830-379-1766

James Murphy - Seguin
Executive Manager of Water Resources and Utility Operations

Serves as Chief Operating Officer. Directs engineering and construction activities of the organization, water resource management, recreation and parks, and utilities operation. Further directs the negotiation and development of major contracts and represents GBRA with its customers.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 246
Fax: 830-401-0991

Alvin Schuerg - Seguin
Executive Manager of Finance and Administration

Serves as the Chief Financial Officer in the organization. Oversees the management and daily operations of the Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology departments. Prepares or supervises the water resource and electric rate studies and feasibility analyses; participates in contract development.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 233
Fax: 830-379-9923

Todd Votteler - Seguin
Executive Manager of Science, Intergovernmental Relations and Policy

Monitors and advocates issues related to GBRA water policy before local, state and federal legislatures, agencies, and executive bodies. Participates in regional water planning efforts and represents the General Manager in various workgroups for developing suggested changes to state surface or groundwater policies for the Texas Legislature.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 314
Fax: 830-379-7478

David M. Welsch - Seguin
Executive Manager of Business Development and Resource Management

Evaluates and expands strategic business alliances for GBRA, oversees activities for all new services and projects, property acquisition, acquisition of state and federal permits, and for the management of water quality and environmentally related services. Serves as the principal contact for chamber relations, new customers, economic development partners, and grant funding partners.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 505
Fax: 830-379-9718

LaMarriol Smith - Seguin
Executive Manager for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

Serves as chief spokesperson for the authority and manages corporate communications including publications, news releases, media relations and social media. Provides public relations consultation to the General Manager and Board of Directors and supports governmental relations efforts. Manages public affairs, marketing, audio/visual production and events, environmental education, Board of Directors relations, geographic information systems, grant coordination and administration, and advertising.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 239
Fax: 830-379-9718

George "Tom" Bohl - Seguin
General Counsel

Responsible for advising the GBRA Board of Directors and GBRA management and staff on a wide range of legal issues related to corporate and regulatory matters.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 276
Fax: 830-379-9718

Gary Asbury - Seguin
Manager of Project Engineering

Responsible for the management of construction projects, including preliminary design, permitting, and construction of GBRA's major design and engineering projects; and the development of policies and procedures for project management.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 269
Fax: 830-372-0868

Barbara Gunn - Seguin
Human Resources Manager

Responsible for the administration and implementation of personnel policies and procedures, recruitment, performance management, training and development, regulatory compliance, and employee benefit programs. Provides support and participates as a key member in employee relations.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 236
Fax: 830-379-9923

Thomas Hill - Seguin
Chief Engineer

Provides general supervision of GBRA's consulting engineers for water resource projects as well as provides operational assistance on technical procedures and problems related to structures, equipment and facilities. Monitors flow conditions within the river basin and provides interpretation of hydrologic events and data; and performs independent engineering design analysis of hydraulic structures related to water control.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 245
Fax: 830-379-9718

Mike Urrutia - Seguin
Director of Water Quality Services/Regional Laboratory

Responsible for water quality and environmentally related matters, and technical assistance to water and wastewater treatment facilities operated by GBRA. Advises and consults with facilities not under direct control of GBRA; provides administrative supervision of the Regional Laboratory.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 259
Fax: 830-379-7478

Darel Ball - Coleto Creek
Operations Manager - Lower Basin

Manages the overall operations and maintenance of all GBRA facilities located in the lower Guadalupe River Basin. This includes water treatment, wastewater treatment, recreation and raw water facilities.

Phone: 361-575-6366
Fax: 361-575-2267

John Smith - Seguin
Operations Manager - Upper Basin

Manages the overall operations and maintenance of all GBRA facilities located in the upper Guadalupe River Basin. This includes water treatment, wastewater treatment, recreation and raw water facilities.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 270
Fax: 830-372-0686

Teresa Van Booven - Seguin
Project and Community Representative

Develops and maintains relations with customers, governmental, economic, community and business organizations. Identifies and provides technical assistance to organizations to include funding research, grant submission and project coordination.

Phone: 830-379-5822 Ext. 265
Fax: 830-379-9718

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