Summary of Watershed Conditions in the Guadalupe River Basin
Friday, June 23, 2017

This page is updated once a day with data obtained from USGS.

  Flow (cfs) % of Daily Median
A. Guadalupe River @ Comfort 85.0 94%
B. Canyon Reservoir
Inflow Not Available Not Available
Release 116 44%
Full Res. Elev. - msl (Conservation pool) 909  
Reservoir Elev. Today - msl 908.48  
Capacity (Conservation pool) 99%  
C. Blanco River @ Wimberley 43.6 64%
D. Comal Springs Not Available Not Available
E. San Marcos Springs 228 117%
F. Guadalupe River @ Gonzales 778 110%
G. Guadalupe River @ Victoria 817 72%
H. San Antonio River @ Goliad Not Available Not Available
I. Guadalupe River @ Tivoli 1140 80%
Bay & Estuary Inflow 704  

Diagrams reflect sources. Losses and diversions not included.

Full Reservoir Elevation Daily Elevation
Elevation 909 908.48
Historical Current
Spring Branch (Inflow) 0 Not Available
Sattler (Release) 261 116
Historical Current
Comal 0 Not Available
San Marcos 195 228
Canyon Release Comal Springs Natural Baseflow
Source Percentages 08167800_NBSOURCEFLOW 08169000_NBSOURCEFLOW NaturalBaseFlow_NBSOURCEFLOW
Canyon Release Comal Springs San Marcos Springs Natural Baseflow

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