Rain Gauge Report
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
6:02 AM CST (RTU Times Do Not Reflect Daylight Saving Time)

Note: Data is gathered by remote automated sensors and is posted without a quality check. GBRA assumes no responsibility for inaccuracy due to equipment failure. Interactive map  Comal and Guadalupe County rain gauge map (PDF)
 Rainfall Total (inches)
CountyStation NameRTU Time1-Hr3-Hr6-Hr24-Hr
SLLT2 0GBRA Tower4:53 AM0.000.180.540.54
GBGT2 0Bear Creek4:51 AM0.000.150.430.43
GBDT2 0Startzville5:00 AM0.000.140.550.55
GBXT2 0Hoffman Road5:00 AM0.000.250.810.81
GBQT2 0Third Crossing5:05 AM0.000.250.680.68
GBPT2 0Waggner Ranch4:52 AM0.000.080.610.61
GBOT2 0Stenen Road4:58 AM0.000.280.860.86
GBUT2 0Shadow Hills5:17 AM0.000.260.660.66
GNBT2 0NBU Tower on Geronimo Creek4:54 AM0.000.390.670.67
GDRT2 0FM 3009 on Dry Comal Creek4:54 AM0.000.090.570.57
GKCT2 0Kruger Canyon Road on Dry Comal Creek4:54 AM0.000.200.610.61
GICT2 0Bresky Road on Isaac Creek4:54 AM0.000.270.750.75
GSWT2 0Seguin WTP4:54 AM0.010.941.011.01
GRMT2 0Hwy 123 @ Geronimo Creek4:54 AM0.
GBAT2 0Branch Road on Geronimo Creek4:54 AM0.010.981.091.09
GYNT2 0FM 1044 on Young Creek4:54 AM0.000.731.191.19
GLOT2 0FM 1044 on Long Creek4:54 AM0.000.400.860.86
GDET2 0FM 775 on Deadmans Creek4:54 AM0.000.721.061.06
GCOT2 0Still Meadow Road on Cottonwood Creek4:55 AM0.000.460.560.56
GDAT2 0Nash Creek Road on Darst Creek4:55 AM0.131.181.391.39
GBFT2 0Schleicher Mountain4:55 AM0.000.000.520.52
GBKT2 0Big Spring Canyon5:05 AM0.000.010.630.63
GBJT2 0Joshua Creek4:58 AM0.000.000.460.47
GBRT2 0Spring Branch Creek4:51 AM0.000.020.640.64
GBTT2 0Sabinas Mountain4:50 AM0.000.000.500.50
GBVT2 0Kendalia Mountain4:42 AM0.000.010.630.63
GBMT2 0Krause Creek4:56 AM0.000.000.620.62
GBST2 0Goss Creek4:44 AM0.000.000.480.48
KVAT2 -9999Center Point Bridge5:00 AM-9999-9999-9999-9999
KVBT2 0.08972Nimitz Lake Dam5:00 AM0.000.000.570.57
KVCT2 0.18403Guadalupe @ Indian Creek Rd.5:00 AM0.000.000.560.56
KVDT2 0Hwy 39 @ Hunt5:00 AM0.000.000.620.62
KVET2 0.01923Camp Waldemar near FM 13404:58 AM0.
KVFT2 0.00092South Fork Guadalupe @ Hwy 394:54 AM0.000.000.630.63
KVGT2 0Turtle Creek @ Hwy 164:54 AM0.010.010.580.58
KVHT2 -9999Verde Creek @ Hwy 1734:54 AM-9999-9999-9999-9999
KVIT2 0South Fork Ranch @ Hwy 394:54 AM0.000.000.840.84
KVJT2 0FM 1340 @ Kerr WMA4:54 AM0.000.000.660.66
KVKT2 0.46795Tecaboca Camp @ Johnson Creek4:54 AM0.000.010.660.66
KVLT2 0K.K. Amini Ranch4:54 AM0.000.000.570.57
KVMT2 0Perkins Ranch @ Hwy 394:54 AM0.000.000.800.82
KVNT2 0Love Ranch @ US 835:00 AM0.000.000.721.18
KVOT2 0US 83 @ Hwy 415:00 AM0.000.000.541.08
KVPT2 0Lienweber Ranch5:00 AM0.000.000.640.82
KVQT2 0Kerr Wildlife Management Area5:00 AM0.000.000.500.56
KVRT2 0Hall Ranch @ Hwy 414:54 AM-9999-9999-9999-9999
KVST2 0Clark Ranch @Hwy 414:54 AM0.
KVTT2 0IH 10 @ Midway4:54 AM0.000.010.680.76
KVUT2 0IH 10 @ Goat Creek4:54 AM0.000.000.780.78
KVVT2 0Cypress Creek @ Fm 13415:00 AM0.000.000.570.57