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Friday, January 22, 2021

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority Scholarship Program Information and Guidelines


The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) has established the GBRA Scholarship Program for high school seniors living in the following 10 counties of GBRA's service area: Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun and Refugio. Scholarships to a four-year college/university or a two-year technical/trade school will be awarded in amounts ranging from $500 - $2,000. All graduating seniors meeting the eligibility requirements may submit a scholarship application.

If chosen as a recipient, scholarships will be awarded as a one-time tuition reimbursement to recipient or institution of choice. Recipients must show proof of payment made to the institution in order to receive their scholarship. If scholarship is to be paid directly to university/college, confirmation of the student's enrollment at the institution of choice must be provided even if the school has not officially billed the student for classes. Recipients may attend any accredited four-year college or university, two year college or technical/trade school program. Recipients must be enrolled full time at 12 hours per semester. GBRA scholarships are awarded without regard to race, sex, gender, national origin, disability or religion.


GBRA's goal is to encourage and assist students to fulfill their educational endeavors. The following guidelines will be used to determine eligibility and to evaluate applications:

  1. Graduating High School Seniors residing in GBRA's 10-county service area (Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun and Refugio) are eligible to apply.
  2. Students have an overall "B" average or higher.
  3. Applications will be reviewed and awarded by a selection committee chosen by GBRA.
  4. In the event the scholarship recipient receives financial assistance from other sources that would constitute a full scholarship, the recipient shall notify the GBRA Scholarship Coordinator and relinquish rights to the scholarship. The scholarship shall then be awarded to the runner-up, if that applicant continues to meet all criteria.


The following factors will be considered in the evaluation of each application.


The essay portion will be assessed according to content and form. The essay plays a critical role in helping the screening committee select finalists for the selection process. Applicants are encouraged to spend an adequate amount of time and effort preparing their statement.

Overall Scholastic Achievements, Integrity and School Engagement

Students will have a chance to highlight their entire high school academic career, participation, awards, and achievements.

Online Application Form

All applications for the GBRA Scholarship Program should be submitted through the GBRA Scholarship Google form.

Academic Transcript and Letter of Recommendation

Students must upload a copy of their academic transcript and letter of recommendation through the application form or will not be considered.

For assistance on filling out the form, or general questions, please email Elizabeth Gutierrez, Scholarship Coordinator,

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