Secondary Classroom Materials

Waters to the Sea, Guadalupe River is a GBRA funded rich, interactive, multimedia educational program, produced by the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University. Waters to the Sea explores essential concepts about the Guadalupe River and its watershed, following a unique design that uses regionally specific historical characters, stories, images, and video to educate users. Available only online, Waters to the Sea brings to life the region's environmental history and explores the relationship between human activities and the Guadalupe's waters and ecological resources. This program will enhance social studies and science investigations primarily for grade 7, but there are opportunities for use in grades 6 and 8 as well as Environmental Systems classes at the high school level.

Don't Be Clueless About Water Quality Curriculum Supplement (grades 5-8) dealing with Non-Point Source Pollution. Teachers interested in addressing watersheds and water quality in the Guadalupe River Basin are encouraged to explore the topic, using the 5-E Model of Science Instruction. TEKS correlated. PowerPoint programs (access above) included in the program are Watershed Jeopardy and Why Watersheds. Also included is use of the Guadalupe River Basin puzzle.

Guadalupe River Basin Poster - This 24x36 poster is available to teachers in the Guadalupe River Basin. The poster shows the major rivers and streams of the river basin, and highlights the Eco-Regions that the river traverses through from the headwaters to the bay.

TX Stream Team Water Quality Supplements

Water Monitoring Curriculum Companion - The water quality monitoring curriculum presented here is designed for High School and Middle School science teachers. For use as a companion to the Texas Stream Team Water Quality Monitoring Manual, this curriculum covers the key environmental and scientific concepts associated with Texas Stream Team's core water quality variables. In addition to presenting the procedures for performing the water quality tests, this curriculum provides lessons, exercises, evaluation materials and TEKS correlations.

Data Analysis Curriculum - The "Surface Water Quality Data Interpretation Workbook and Curriculum Companion" is our newest addition of curriculum. The goal of this curriculum is for students to use critical thinking skills and scientific problem solving skills to interpret water quality data. These cross-curriculum exercises are appropriate for classrooms that have been collecting monthly water quality monitoring data at a local site or that are able to download water quality data from the web.

Teaching With the Stars: Watershed Education - This National Geographic Program places an emphasis on Watershed Education. The purpose of this unit is to help students understand watersheds, the human impact on watersheds, and the way watersheds can be protected and conserved. Both middle school and high school program guides have been developed, including teacher training DVD and teacher's guide.

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