Operations - General Division

The General Division office, located in Seguin, is home to the departments listed below. These departments furnish administrative, technical and support services to GBRA operating divisions under the direction of the General Manager. General Division revenues are derived from investments in eligible securities, interest from inter-fund loans, administrative and general charges to operating divisions, and rental income.

Operations and Water Quality directs water resource management, recreation and parks, and utilities operations in all 10 counties of GBRA's statutory district; assists in the negotiation and development of major contracts and represents GBRA with its customers; is responsible for water quality and environmental-related matters, ensuring the provision of technical assistance to GBRA's water and wastewater treatment facilities, and advises and consults with personnel of other such facilities within GBRA's statutory district that are operated by other entities (municipalities, MUD's, private contractors, etc') and has oversight of GBRA's Laboratory.

Finance and Administration is responsible for the preparation of GBRA's annual budget and five-year financial plan, financial reserves and debt service, investments, capital assets, procurement and risk management. It also provides accounts payable, receivable and payroll functions, human resource services, information technology support for all GBRA divisions, and coordinates GBRA's Industrial Development Corporation which provides low-interest loans to outside entities.

Resource Policy and Stewardship creates partnerships to support community and economic development; encourages stewardship of water resources and environmental protection; and builds relationships with community leaders to promote awareness of GBRA services, expand existing business activities and develop new opportunities.

Strategic Communications and Education develops and implements communications strategies to ensure that GBRA's mission, projects, services and initiatives are explained clearly and consistently. The goal is to foster a productive, mutually beneficial relationship between GBRA and the residents, businesses and schools in the Guadalupe River Basin, provide useful information through publications, news releases, and educational programs, and encourage public involvement in the river authority's decision-making process.

Project Engineering and Development conducts hydrology and flow monitoring studies; assists with water and wastewater plant design services and process evaluation; monitors basin rainfall conditions including surface run-off for streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater in the Guadalupe River Basin; coordinates with the National Weather Service River Forecast Center in Fort Worth; provides assistance to emergency management coordinators and local officials during severe weather events; coordinates project planning including contracts for services, permits, rights of way and special projects, and maintains contact with interested parties for water and wastewater projects; works with homeowner and land associations to enhance current lake management and flood response programs, and communicate these procedures to new residents and governmental entities. Project Engineering provides management oversight for the design, review and inspection services for GBRA facilities constructions and installation.

General Counsel provides legal services related to the responsibilities and operations of GBRA and reports to the Board of Directors and General Manager/CEO. The department coordinates the development and review of policies, contracts, and other agreements regarding corporate and legal matters. General Counsel is also responsible for managing litigation and outside counsel activities. Additionally, the department advises staff and the board on Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act related matters.


General Office
933 East Court Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Phone: 830-379-5822
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