Elementary Classroom Materials

Journey Through the Guadalupe River Basin is a curriculum provided free to all 4th grade classrooms in the Guadalupe Basin, including Kendall, Guadalupe, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Gonzales, Refugio, DeWitt, Calhoun and Victoria counties. Kits are shipped to schools each fall. Kits include: student workbooks, pencils, jump drives, maps. Student workbooks are also available in Spanish.

Two cartoon characters, "Edward A. Armadillo" and "Lupe" the turtle guide teachers and students on a trip down the Guadalupe River, introducing them to their watershed, the history and geography of the river basin, aquifers and the importance of springflow to the Guadalupe River, dams and hydroelectric generation, how water is used and by whom, and the importance of water regulation and conservation.

Water Makes the World Go 'Round This second grade booklet covers the water cycle, water properties, water distribution and water uses/conservation. The booklet can be provided to second grade teachers in the Guadalupe River Basin upon request, using the link below. This booklet is also available in Spanish.

Water Quality Monitoring - Supplement for grades 4-6 dealing with Water Monitoring and Non-Point Source Pollution. Teachers interested in addressing watersheds and water quality in the Guadalupe River Basin are encouraged to lead their students in an investigation of a local creek or river. The monitoring activities are used in coordination with a water monitoring kit, which can be donated to schools in the Guadalupe River Basin.

Water Trivia Quiz

Water Trivia Quiz - Think you know a lot about water? Take this quiz to find out - and you might just win a prize!

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