Public Participation

A vital component of the Clean Rivers Program is the participation of citizens, public and private institutions, private industries and others in determining the basin's activities as well as the CRP activities statewide. The public plays a crucial role in determining how to best protect the Guadalupe River Basin water resources for the future. These opportunities also provide for direct public participation to ensure that community concerns are addressed.

Each year, GBRA and UGRA conduct one basin-wide Steering Committee meeting. The steering committee membership includes representation from municipalities, counties, industries, homeowner organizations, and state agencies. Meetings are scheduled to provide direction for the general CRP activities, as well as the development of work plans, monitoring plans, and major reports. These meetings are public meetings and their primary purpose is to review and approve achievable water quality objectives and priorities, give consideration to available technology, and guide work plans and the allocation of available resources. Notice of meetings and the associated meeting minutes are made available in the associated information section.

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